Breaking Ground

Build Factories, Produce Products, Construct Houses, Help the Townsfolk create Paradise, Play Minigames, Build - Rent - Sell

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Hours of Game-Play in a variety of Genres, including Action - Puzzle - Simulation - Decoration - Strategy

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Help the Townsfolk build their town!

The creative Townsfolk are making their town a Paradise to live in and they need your help! Build factories and produce the products the Townsfolk need to make their construction dreams come true!

Earn fantastic trucks and deliver!

Upgrade your factories to produce faster, buy faster trucks and special editions and deliver your products at lightning speed!

Build - Rent - Sell

Choose from a portfolio of house plans and build your houses in Town. Then rent them for extra income. Decorate your houses with an expert Interior Decoration

Hunt for Treasure

Find your way through a maze of tunnels deep in the mines and avoid the deadly traps! Discover golden Treasure!

Create new formulas

Put your memory to the test in creating new formulas in the chemical lab. Success is rewared, failure has explosive consequences!

Adrenaline Rush

Zip through the trees in a forest adventure that puts your reaction time and dexterity to the test! Don't stop until you've completed the level!

Fun in the Park

Spend a relaxed afternoon popping bubbles at a picnic with friends!

Solve complex electrical pathways

Discover new circuit pathways and innovate upgrades for your trucks!

Build Factories and Houses

Select architectural plans and provide the resources required for each phase of construction. Watch your hard work take shape before your eyes!

Play FREE now!


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